Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Wrap-Up

September has been a busy month for us!  The first weekend, we had Carter's real birthday and celebrated with the grandparents.  The second weekend, he had his birthday party.  Last weekend, we went to the car show at Central Church to see a friend of Derrick's and hit the zoo on Sunday.  This weekend, the boys spent the night with my parent's on Friday night, and Carter went to Disney on Ice on Saturday and to see the Dolphin movie in 3D today....and we've got Family Reunion this last weekend!

 Playing on the teeter totter
 Posting beside Daddy's friend's car
 The sea lion show at the zoo

Chilling out eating popcorn and enjoying the movie :)

Carter's 3rd birthday party

Carter had a wonderful 3rd birthday party with about 40 guests in attendance.  He got TONS of great gifts - so many that we cleaned out 4 shopping bags of old toys and sent them to each of the grandmother's houses.  He woke up in such a good mood and watched cartoons with his brother, was so excited I was afraid he wouldn't take a nap, but he did, and woke up to a bouncey house and friends!

Carter, we are amazed by you every day.  One smile from you can melt my heart, and you continually amaze me with how smart you are.  You are a GREAT big brother and keep us laughing and on our toes day in and day out.  Happy Birthday baby boy!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Carter's 3rd Birthday

Carter turned 3 yesterday, Friday, September 2nd.  He woke up a little before 7:00 and let me get one picture of him before he got grumpy and told me to stop singing!  It was a school day, so we sent treat bags to his class with cookies and capri suns in them.  After school, MiMi picked him up and brought him back home around 6:30 for his mini party with the grandparents, us, and Cole.  He had a wonderful time, got tons of new stuff, and we haven't even had his real birthday party yet!  This morning, he woke up and wanted to play with his fishing pole (from Nana and Pop) and his Thomas the Train stuff (from MiMi & Big Daddy).  We also fed Finn, his new fish, and had donuts that Daddy went and picked up for everyone. 

Stay tuned, because we had pictures made of the boys together and some individual shots this morning, so I'll be uploading those soon.  This weekend, we also plan to visit the Children's Museum and the Zoo, plus a family gathering or two.  Carter's birthday party with friends and cousins will be next weekend, and he requested a bouncey house for the entertainment.  We may also get out some games for the older kids like washers or cornhole, and we'll cookout and have a fabulous "bike cake" made my Lisa, our neighbor.

Black & Yellow

Carter telling everyone his favorite song and singing a little bit of it. :)

First Day of Preschool

August 22 was the boys' first day of preschool.  They are going to Central Parent's Day Out 3 days a week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Day 1 went well, and now that we've made it through 2 weeks, I think they are both enjoying it.  I am sad that with work, I can't take or pick them up, but very thankful that my mother-in-law is watching the boys and can do this for us.  They both have backpacks and take their lunches each day - I always enjoy hearing Carter's requests for lunch - sometimes they are easy, and other times, they are wild - like cereal with milk in a bowl in my lunchbox. :)

August 21 - Day and Night

I got Carter all ready for church on Sunday morning and told him that he looked so cute so I wanted to take a couple of pictures.  He happily obliged and let me take a couple of him sitting on the couch waiting for MiMi to come pick him up.  Then, he said, mom, take one of me standing up, and that's the second picture you see...he just posed like that himself with no prompting!  He is such a little ham - I'm not sure what the teenage years are going to bring...sigh!

That night, we made chocolate cupcakes for Samantha's birthday, and he got to lick the spoon and bowl.  It is amazing how they can go from clean to dirty in about 2 minutes flat!

Dad turns 60

August 10, 2011 was dad's 60th birthday.  We all met at Huey's for dinner, and mom surprised him with a brand new GMC truck.  He loved it and was very surprised...he said I guess I'll have to buy your mom a new house to top the gift she gave me.  The kids had a great time playing in the bed of the truck - they were content for a good 30 minutes while all of us checked out all the cool features of his new ride.  It is so nice to see your parents do nice things for one another and to top it off, seeing my dad smile made it a great night!

Cole's First Dentist Appointment

Cole had his first visit to see our pediatric dentist, Dr. Bill on August 10.  He did really well, was all smiles, and let Dr. Bill count his teeth.  He already has his one year molars and his two year molars are already on the way in.  He is also cutting his 3rd and 4th bottom teeth and two more up top.  Everything looked great, and his name got published in the newspaper for the No Cavity Club.  I'm looking forward to taking him back next year for his first cleaning and x-rays. :) 

P.S. - I love how cute he looks posing in the second picture - that's my boy!!!

August 6 Bowling

I am the Events Coordinator for a non-profit organization, CrossHeart Ministries.  On August 6th, we had our 2nd annual Bowl-a-Rama at FunQuest in Collierville, and I let Carter skip his nap and come with me.  After we checked everyone in and paid the manager, we were ready to rock, roll, and bowl.  He had such a great time bowling next to Zack & Team Honor and was very proud that he could pick up the 6 pound ball by himself, walk it down, roll it, and knock over pins.  His score with no assistance was around 80 - it was just so much fun watching him be proud of himself and being patient for his turn. :)  After bowling, we went into the game room and let the boys ride a couple of rides.  Derrick and Cole had come up for the last hour or so and Cole was into everything, so it was the easist and most fun way to contain them both!